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Mon. December 31, 2012
NYE Party w/Andy Frasco, Old Death Whisper, and Doc Rock | Ketchum, ID |
Presented By Whiskey Jacques

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Whiskey Jacques (MAP)
251 North Main St.
Ketchum, ID
US 83340

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Andy Frasco, Old Death Whisper, Doc Rock

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At this time Whiskey Jacques does not have any tickets available for purchase for this event. Note: This does not mean this event is sold out. Contact the venue to purchase tickets.

More Information
This is going to be a jam packed evening of live music!! We have the infamous Andy Frasco, Old Death Whisper, and Doc Rock/Dj Alien all in one night!! Purchase your presale tickets or you can purchase them at the door/bar for $60.00 This is guaranteed to be a night to remember!!
Andy Frasco-Website

Andy Frasco, a twenty-three blues/jazz musician hailing from the San Fernando Valley in Southern California, is nothing short of an enigma. Influenced by Damien Rice, Sam Cooke, Professor Longhair, Van Morrison and Tom Waits, Frasco’s style is as uninhibited as those artists who inspire him. Let’s call it Party Blues.

Within the past three years alone, Frasco has trekked over 120,000 miles, performed over 700 shows, with spanning over 6 countries. Frasco’s journey, however, is just beginning. This revolutionary is on a mission to alter the music business as we know it.

Frasco’s a rarity in the music business: one who is an industry “insider” and a talented musician. This unparalleled insight is due, in part, to his days of managing and promoting bands when he was 16 years old. He’s booked bands like HelloGoodbye, and worked with labels and venues such as Drive Thru, Atlantic Records and The Key Club in Hollywood, Ca.

What’s more, Frasco does not come from a musical background. His family played no instruments, and it wasn’t until the age of 17 that Frasco met his soul mate: the piano. At 19 years old, Frasco traveled to New York to work with friend and colleague Jordan Stilwell, producing his first album Growth and Progress. From there, Frasco toured the country with VH1’s Save the Music Foundation, raising money for Music Education in the Public Schools.

Yet 220 shows in 360 days through 33 states that he personally booked on the Save the Music Tour wasn’t enough for this young prodigy. Frasco headed back to Los Angeles to form his own band and produce his third and current album, Love, You’re Just Too Expensive. Frasco continues to prove that he is a dynamic force with which to be reckoned, as listeners marvel at his talent and soulful performances wherever he goes.

Old Death Whisper-Website

Old Death Whisper is a cocktail of dirty western roots music and country tinged parlor tunes.

ODW loves good old country and folk music of early America. Sea shanties, spaghetti westerns, railroad songs, road movies, pulp, noir, punk and rock and roll are among some of their influences. With 4 song writers in the band and each one taking their turn on the mic, the tunes have diversity and yet a common thread of the love for this kind of music. Whether it’s plugged in or broken down and acoustic; the live shows are full of piss and vinegar. Keeping their sound grounded in the roots of western American music, Old Death Whisper lets their sound drift into widescreen sonic voyages, down dusty trails, dirty back roads and seedy dive bars.

Chuy Hartman: Banjo, Harp, Accordian, Vox

Kent Mueller: Bass, Vox, Percussion

J.R. Hood: Guitars, Vox

Drew Tomseth: Traps, Snaps and Claps

Cole Wells: Guitars, steel

Wes Walsworth: Guitars, Harp, Vox

Doc Rock/DJ Alien- Doc Rock and DJ Alien are the phunkiest DJ duo this side of Jupiter. Doc Rock was transformed after accidentally being shocked by a defibrillator in medical school, turning him into a twisted phenomenon. DJ Alien crashed his spaceship in Doc Rock’s yard because he was dancing instead of driving. The two have been a dynamic duo since.

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