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Sat. August 23, 2014
Shinyribs | Ketchum, ID |
Presented By Whiskey Jacques

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Whiskey Jacques (MAP)
251 North Main St.
Ketchum, ID
US 83340

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Saturday August 23rd we have Shinyribs (Kevin Russell) performing live at Whiskey Jacques!! Doors at 9p.m. $8.00 advance tickets online or $10.00 behind the bar/day of show. For more info on Shinyribs go to:

Shinyribs is the continuation of Kevin Russell’s musical journey which began in Beaumont,TX when, at 14, he found his father’s guitar under his bed, along with a sewing machine, a billy club and a box of comic books. Luckily he chose the guitar. Following his family’s oil boom and bust migratory path he landed in Shreveport,LA where he formed his first band. Picket Line Coyotes were a Husker Du meets Elvis Costello hybrid that lived and died between the “Arklatexabamassippi” borders much like their unfortunate animal namesake. That’s what took him to Austin where The Gourds were born from those Coyote ashes. That storied band of pumpkins came to an end after 18 years of good times and hard travelin’. And from that point on Russell has been riding high on the Shinyribs river of country-soul, swamp-funk and tickle. A Shinyribs show is an exaltation of spirit. It’s a hip shaking, belly laughing, soul-singing, song-slinging, down-home house party. All styles of American music are likely to be touched on, squeezed on, kissed on by this world class band featuring Winfield Cheek on Keyboards, Keith Langford on Drums, Jeff Brown on Bass and the Tijuana Train Wreck Horns. Whether on his 6 string Uke or his Electric guitar or singing acapella Russell will entertain you like no one else. The freedom with which he moves coupled with his incredible voice is an experience in and of itself. His original songs laced with magical-realism along with novel interpretations of popular songs old and new (George Jones, TLC, Leadbelly, T-Pain) are the true art that runs throughout. He’s Burl Ives meets Al Green, Hank, Jr. meets Teddy Pendergrass. Wendell Berry meets Chuck Berry. Truly something not to be missed. A unique musical experience and an original expression of our colorful musical heritage.

There really isn’t anything not to love about this Austin band. Fronted by the always jovial Kevin Russell of local legends The Gourds, Shinyribs is about having the best time possible….read more at

String wrangler and thought gargler Russell helms the U.S.S. Shinyribs. His prolific life as songwriter, lead singer and mouthpiece still leaves him time to draw the award winning comic strip “Lil’ Whodat”. His series of Grannys Diapers Mysteries” is going into its seventh season on PBS. Russell doesn’t like to talk about his youth. He refers obliquely to having been raised by ” circus folk”, he will admit to a fairly serious teen-age “pageant” addiction. Scared straight by an episode of “That Nashville Music” that featured Eddy Raven, Hank Snow and Ray Stevens, Russell’s path was clear. At seventeen he consulted a shaman and was fused with the souls of Jerry Clower and Gene Watson. The die was cast. Russell began to write his own songs. Early failed attempts included “Where’s My Comb”, “This Ones For You (Mr. Korean War Veteran)” and “Tom Landry, You Wrote My Life”. He was left greasy and discouraged. A move to the Ark-La-Tex and brief dabblings in malt liquor and punk rock righted the ship and the warbler we know today as Shinyribs began to take shape. Stints in touring companies of “CATS” and “GUYS AND DOLLS” fleshed out his musical dreams. He was ready for the big time, TEXAS. Kevin Russell and his family split their time between an armed compound in central Texas and an ark in Abu Dhabi. He is a genius.

Drummer par excellence, Langford, heir to the Langford condom fortune (If it tingles, it’s a Langford).He has never let his Bel-Air upbringing prevent him from being “one of the guys”. Shuffled from English boarding school to Swiss boarding school, drowning in “rubber money”, music became his sanctuary. After having pushed a fourth student down the stairs, Langford detected a definite rhythm to his mayhem. Returning to the “Rubber Ranch” in central Texas, he devoted himself to his twin passions of music and personal lubricants. Once the non-slip drum stool was in place, he was on his way. His style has been described as “a slippery Herman Munster changing clothes in a phone booth”. Master of all percussives, Langford has not let a little thing like prosthetic wrists stand in the way of his dreams becoming a reality. He is also a genius.

Jeff Brown
Bass guitar el supremo, Brown is a riddle stuffed inside a conundrum tucked snugly between cheek and gum. Raised by albino Pentacostal heart surgeons in the Florida Keys, he grew up rough. His “guardians” and their religious peculiarities kept him from going to public school. His brother, a very large can of paint thinner they called “Rusty”, an eight string bass made from alligator bones and a lifesize cardboard cutout of Morgan Fairchild were his only companions. A dependence on psychedelic mushrooms kept him from realising his dream of playing semi-professional jai alai. He took up the bass shortly thereafter and after only a few serious burns, he turned pro. Brown joined Shinyribs after turning down the bass position in Metallica (for not being metal enough). He is a genius.

Keyboard magician, son of the old south, professional hobnobber. Cheek is all these things and ten times more. The first orthodox Jew to play for the Harlem Globetrotters, Cheek once challenged Truman Capote to a free throw shooting contest. To spare Capotes feelings, he threw the match. Once a southern gentleman, always a southern gentleman.His influences include Imogene Coca, Adlai Stevenson, televisions own Gumby, Hugh Downs and, of course, Suzanne Pleshette. He enjoys long walks in the park, Tangerine Dream records and church socials. His favorite musical artists are Jerry Lee Lewis, Madelaine Albright and country legend Eddie Rabbitt, Dislikes include slacks on women, rugby and papal infallability. He is a genius.

The Tijuana Train Wreck Horns
Mark Wilson (sax and flute) and Tiger Anaya (trumpet). Mark Wilson came to a career in music from an unlikely background. His first foray into show-biz was playing Chaka on the beloved childrens show “Land Of The Lost”. Two years into the shows run, producers were alarmed when Wilson began to outgrow his costume. One urine test and several lawsuits confirmed suspicions first opined by Tiger Beat in the groundbreaking series of articles “Sid and Marty Krofft- Family Fun or Juiced Up Freak Factory”. Disgraced, Wilson had but one avenue open to him, the traditional refuge for disgraced child stars, wind instruments. Seven years of rehab and marching band practice left him with a vastly expanded lung capacity and a new lease on life. Early collaborations with Phillip Glass and televisions Joyce DeWitt left him wealthy but unsatisfied. Shinyribs allows him a broad canvas upon which he can squirt his brassy assortments at will.

Tiger Anaya’s background is murky. Reports having him plying his trade in far flung locales like Ukraine, Quebec and several different aquatic theme parks have been difficult to verify. A few blurry photographs have surfaced where he is allegedly appearing as Herb Alpert impersonator at Sea World. These reports may be apocryphal. There are records showing him working as a ski instructor in Venice, Italy. The trumpet is the one area in which it can be said without qualification, Oh, That Tiger. Together the Tijuana Train Wreck Horns are blowing their combined stank breath over the tender anthems of the Shinyribs lake of song. They are both geniuses

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